Love…the perfect four letter word



Little by little it became clear to me over the years that Love is an ‘inside job’. Love has nothing to do with what’s on the outside and everything to do with what’s in our hearts. By practicing this Principle of Love, we willingly choose to suspend judgment, even if it is only one tiny step at a time, and by doing so we leave an open space for Love to fill. We cannot escape our humanity. All the garments of this world cannot hide what lies deep within our spirit. Fear, aggressiveness, arrogance or ruthlessness are simply masks that serve as defense mechanisms. When we allow ourselves to choose against these negative, acting-out behaviours towards others (and ourselves) we become free to choose gentle, kind and loving thoughts and actions. In other words, we free ourselves to Love.

Love is the absence of judgment.
If we do not judge ourselves, or others, the only thing left is Love.
Loving others and ourselves removes the hard edges from our personalities. This lessens the strain and stress of living. Whatever it is we aspire to in our lives, if it is to be, it will happen because of Love.

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