TRUST is essential to our journey



What would our lives be like if there were no such thing as TRUST?
Perhaps we would be afraid to get out of bed, not trusting that the floor will hold us. Or we might refuse to eat, fearing that the food is poison. This behaviour would immobilize us, and create a lonely and unhappy world. So we go about our daily lives instinctively, not stopping to think about whether the floor is unsafe or our food is poison. However, there are also many situations and circumstances that enter our lives each day in the form of a conscious decision about whether to Trust, either ourselves, other people or situations, decisions such as: Can I Trust a babysitter to keep my child safe? Or can I Trust a surgeon to save my life? These conscious decisions are a necessary part of our lives, and they always require us to Trust.
In taking up the challenge of these Sixteen Steps, Trust is essential to our journey. In order for us to experience life- changing outcomes, we must first truly Trust that it can happen. We must Trust that these Sixteen Principles have the power to infiltrate our thinking and behaviour to create for us a joyful life, free of negativity, anxiety and fear. And most importantly in taking up this challenge we must begin by trusting ourselves!

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