Meet Tom Culligan

Tom Culligan was born in 1945 and grew up in the small French Acadian community of Belledune, on New Brunswick’s Baie de Chaleur.

He was a co-founder and eventually sole owner of the enormously successful Second Cup café concept, which he built into a 150-outlet franchise enterprise.

Tom’s academic studies earned him a degree in theology and philosophy, as well as graduate work in university administration, counselling and psychometrics.

Tom is also an artist, as well as an author, having written Teacups and Sticky Buns: Mom’s Story, and Sixteen Steps: A Journey of Self-discovery and Healing.

But for all of his accomplishments, Tom remains humble and feels these accomplishments are not what define his life. His greatest achievement, he says, was when he graduated from high school after having failed Grade One three times and spending two years in Grade Five. Picking himself up time and time again after multiple crushing failures is what Tom is all about.

He and his partner of thirty years, Paul Menard, spend part of their time on the old Culligan homestead that was settled by Tom’s great, great grandfather in 1826 and at their winter home in Florida, or travelling the world. Tom currently devotes much of his time to painting and writing.