And From The Home Front…

  • I read with great interest Tom’s wise usage of his personal experiences in guiding the reader to a better understanding of the application of each principle. I appreciate the fact that the book’s text is gender inclusive and irreligious. I particularly enjoyed Tom’s presentation of  the 5th Principle “TRUST”.

Henry Culligan, P.Eng

Halifax, Nova Scotia

[Tom’s brother]


  • Every life brings challenges and some more ‘discouraging’ to take on than others. This book was meant to come in my life at that precise moment … Just when all appeared to be unmanageable/insurmountable life trauma/life changes. It gently guided me through each stage, grounded me in ways that help me effectively move forward through my journey.

Celine Bouzanis, Philanthropist,

Co-founder and co-owner of PBC Group of Ottawa (Development and Real Estate Advisors)

Ottawa, Ontario

[Paul Menard’s sister]


  • Freedom to choose one’s own way. These sixteen steps guide us not by what life brings us, but by the attitude we bring to life. These simple constructive steps will lead us towards a healthy lifestyle allowing us to bend slowly without breaking—One Step At A Time. Slowly, over many years, I have gained insight into my positive and negative characteristics through a frequent inventory of my life. Consequently, I am experiencing a more serene and peaceful environment.

Gail Partington, RN

Chelsea, Quebec

[Tom’s sister]


  • I just finished reading my Uncle Tom’s book SIXTEEN STEPS and I was impressed, touched, and motivated to self-improve! Of course I could personally relate to much of the book as Tom’s niece; as a previous The Second Cup franchisee; and as one of Tom’s mentees in my own early adulthood and recovery. I was emotionally touched by Tom’s story of forgiveness for his father Charlie, my grandfather. I was delighted with his reminiscing about my beloved Mamere, Margaret.  Tom’s book of self-improvement and healing principles are a thorough guide for someone ready to examine their life and improve their quality of living. I have been a Youth Worker and Instructor in Mental Health/Addictions for almost forty years. This book would be an excellent addition to any Mental Health Professional’s library.  I am particularly impressed with Tom’s meticulous use of gender neutral and inclusive language in his writing.

Annie Culligan, C.Y.C, HBA

Thunder Bay

[Tom’s niece]


  • I strongly support the Principles’ exercises at the end of each chapter. They give us insight and self-awareness of the choices we make in life: The positive ones we try to keep and the negative ones we hope to change.

John T. Partington, PsyD, Author and Psychologist

Chelsea, Québec

[Tom’s brother-in-law]


  • l love and appreciate that this is a program that can be lived primarily through principles. Thanks for the thorough honesty and solution based recovery.

Charles Culligan

Oshawa, Ontario

[Tom’s nephew]


  • Sixteen Steps is a thoughtful and relevant way of finding happiness and peace in a frantic world.

Yevonne Culligan

Oshawa, Ontario

[Tom’s niece-in-law]


  • Sixteen Steps is meant for those wishing to go beyond a 12-step program and progress in their personal path to a fulfilling and better life. It is well structured. Exercises and workbooks follow each principle, enabling the reader to integrate them into their own lives, at their own pace.

Denyse Culligan, Consultant

Thunder Bay, Ontario

[Tom’s sister-in-law]


  • Having spent 20 years as a physician helping my patients manage diseases such as anxiety, depression, and addiction, I think Tom Culligan’s approach in Sixteen Steps (particularly acceptance and trust)  is an excellent guide for people struggling with these health problems. By sharing not only the highs of his story, but also the darker moments from childhood through to adulthood, Tom shows through example how following the principles outlined in Sixteen Steps can help people thrive by not letting the obstacles they face overwhelm them.

Dr Christopher Culligan MD

Toronto, Ontario 

[Tom’s nephew]


  • I have been looking forward my entire life to having a spiritually directive book, which is gender-neutral and free from any religious leanings. The Sixteen Steps guide is the  answer to my wishes. I, as a female feel that I’m recognized and actually count in this male dominated world and am not just an appendage to a male term. Language is of the utmost importance; we become what we say and all our “utterances” dictate our place in life.

Susan Culligan, Entrepreneur

Chelsea , Quebec

[Tom’s  sister]

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