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Coming in the spring of 2020…This daily reader is exactly that—365 meditative readings to inspire and make light your journey to a joyous and free life. It will accompany you as you travel through the lessons in Sixteen Steps: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing, keeping you mindful of the peace and serenity that comes with living in the moment, regardless of the challenges you face today.

A true story of grit, grief and glory of a mother’s powerful devotion in raising nine children against the severest storms that life could throw at her. A very Canadian story grounded in the glorious landscape found along the North Shore of New Brunswick’s Baie de Chaleur, Canada.

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Reader Responses

The book is written as if “Mom” is talking to you directly giving you spiritual guidance and strength. Her experiences and ruminations on the curve balls that life throws you are funny, endearing and thoughtful. The illustrations are wonderful and actually bring you back in time sitting inside Mom’s kitchen and letting her read your tea leaves providing you with insights on how to handle the most extraordinary situations. Delightful reading and just the sticky bun recipe is worth the price of admission!

Snuggling in my silk pajamas with a hot pan of “Mom’s Sticky Buns” and a pot of piping tea, I grabbed this book and began to read an amazing story about love, respect, handwork, and a woman filled with wisdom. The winds blew outside and the rain pelted against our windowsills, but I felt warm and secure. As I traveled through “Mom’s Story,” I wanted so to have known her personally. I wanted to see her smile and touch those wrinkled hands, which only God gives special people who know how to work with their hands and give from the heart. I loved her wisdom and her ability to share it in such a lucid way. “You always have to pay the piper, or the rooster will land on your doorstep and stay home to roost.”
Mom could have been a TEXAN she had true grit! I prefer to address her love not hardships. Mom’s love is the glue that binds us together. It sooths our broken hearts, it gives us a sense of security, a comfortable home for sharing our childish secrets, and the knowledge that no matter where we go in life, someone is watching over us. The world can let us down and become mildewed, but not Mom’s love. I so wish I could have met this wonderful woman whose story of generosity fills my heart and erased any pain that may have anchored there because of her life struggles. She not only gave her advice, but of herself in baking, cooking, preserving, and her poems. The children may have moved on with their lives leaving the big house empty, but Mom knew there was a whole world out there to share with, and she did. What an amazing woman.
How blessed I am for having shared Mom’s life through this book. And, how wonderful to feel her love and to receive her inspiration as my “special piece of Mom.”
Now to the park to add another 3 miles to my already nine I do each day. The yummy sticky buns were worth it, the read exhilarating, and the journey with this wonderful family will be with me for a very long time. Please rush and purchase this book, read it, and apply Mom’s wisdom generously with those your love. This recommendation is my gift to you.


Both heart-wrenching and funny, Margaret Culligan’s life story, as told by her son Tom, brings into sharp focus some of the remarkable changes in Canadian attitudes, values, and social behaviours which occured during the twentieth century.
Skillfully woven into the rich tapestry of reports by friends and relatives about her daily deeds and kindnesses are selected samples of her often haunting poetry, some of her prescriptions for living, as well as a few lip-smacking recipes.
I believe that this saga of an ordinary woman’s struggles, challenges, and successes provides a clear, attainable, motivating, and extra-ordinary model for anyone and everyone who wants to be just a little bit better in their own lives.

This true life story of Margaret Culligan, is inspiring and powerfully hopeful. As a mature man, I was shocked at the books ability to evoke such strong feelings of sadness and joy and ultimately love. Having experienced the devastation caused by alcoholism in my own family, I found the story of Margaret’s life to be a powerful example that inspires me and gives me real hope. Tom Culligan shows real courage as the author in dealing so openly and honestly with the real life family issues usually left in the dark of the closet. This is an unusual book and gets my recommendation, hands down.